Shreejan SitaYoga PhD Scholar

MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership from SUNY Buffalo, New York
Director of Yoga Programs at Shri Jasnath Asan, Panchla Siddha, Rajasthan, India
Founder of the Utsava Maa (Celebration of Mother Goddess) movement returning to the Marwar Region




Aligning the CONSCIOUSNESS with CREATIVITY for the purpose of CHANGE

January 19, 6:00—8:00 P.M.
Dutchess Yoga Studio
1575 Rte 376, Wappingers Falls, New York
Pre-registration appreciated greatly!
Special holiday workshop: stories from the Vedas, exercises, discussion For yoga teachers and students alike. No experience in psychology necessary.

We’re all familiar with the problem

“Why can’t I just CHANGE?” For our benefit and despair, our minds were designed for both bondage and freedom. The Vedas, the oldest recorded spiritual knowledge known, was given to us as a user’s manual so we could control this inner instrument of power. But many of us have trouble balancing the workings of the mind, and we end up on a path we didn’t want: addictions, depression, anxiety, anger, or just plain loopy thinking that keeps us going in circles.

What are the Pancha Koshas?

The foundation of yoga psychology is the contents of the Vedic scriptures. The Vedas give us a very clear description of the five layers of our existence. Within them are two important layers which are distinguished between their impulses toward freedom, expansion, personality development, and health OR ego, judgement, fear, and captivity. You’ve heard both voices in your head from time to time.

Workshop contents?

In two hours you will understand the five layers of your existence, and be able to clearly distinguish between the two parts of the mind which can aid you as you move toward a more successful pattern of changeability. You’ll learn to recognize the voice in your head instructing you one way or the other, and you’ll hear this voice from others as well. And you’ll learn a few yogic techniques to take onto the mat and help you maintain a balance between the components of your mind.
I counsel clients based on these philosophies:

  • Change is hard, but good and usually always worth the effort
  • Change is possible at any age, with the right understanding and environment
  • Changeability is required to maintain mental and physical health
  • Changeability is the primary medium for creativity and personal development


Rachael Vinas California

“During my 3 months at the ashram, I quickly came to realize it would be one of the most valuable experiences of my life after meeting Shree.”

Each morning we would wake up with the sunrise, mediate, do yoga, eat incredibly delicious/healthy meals and met many inspiring individuals. Her caring nature made me feel as if I were a part of the family from the moment I arrived and I was at peace. She taught me about Indian culture, spirituality and how to participate within the community to give back to others any way that I can and it’s something I will always cherish. I have been suffering from digestive problems and upper back pain for several years. Shree customized a set of asanas for my yoga practice and it helped me tremendously! Her charm and intelligence is just a small part of her wonderful personality and I’m blessed to be able to call her my friend and have her as a mentor.

Tamara Ardeljan Vienna, Austria

"It was not until I had my one-on-one sessions with Shreejan, that I discovered how beautiful a person could heal when every aspect of body and mind is being considered in therapy."

I have been searching for a competent teacher for a couple of years now, always being disappointed with a single-tracked approach, which didn't fit my views on life and holistic health. Shree’s knowledge and wisdom seems to be endless: psychological, emotional, spiritual, or health-concerned topic. Regardless of the phase I was going through, she always gave me the perfect package to unfold, never too much and never too less. Every time it was exactly how much I needed and how much I could take, so my mind, body and soul could heal peacefully and therefor much quicker than I ever imagined it could happen. I wish I would have saved all my money and nerves I spent on therapy, emotional and physical pain, and just came to this Ashram, where every "why" and "how" disappears.

Sabine Vienna, Austria

“It gives me a regular, defined practice and I can already observe changes in the way I express myself.. and more clarity.”

Shree, I especially thank you for your suggestion, to do Surya Namaskara while chanting the Gayatri Mantra! Although, I cannot tell exactly, in which way it is effecting the process I am going through, because so many things were happening lately. Also my singing-voice has changed and my speaking-voice is about to follow.. maybe they can become one at last.. so, thank you so much!! I feel, I am at the beginning of a whole new journey.

Tiffani Brooke Fest Hollywood, California

“I can't thank Shreejan enough for changing my jaded perception of our western "workout" style yoga. The yoga lifestyle is one of total mind & body health.”

Doing yoga every morning the last 30 days has completely resolved my tension headaches and the ongoing pain in my neck & shoulders. We don't need massages people - our bodies just go right back to holding the tension in the same place! "If everyone did 9 full sun salutations (12 assanas) a day, we wouldn't need to see a doctor" - favorite quote from Shreejan Sita at Shri Jasnath Asan (Yoga Science).

  Shri Jasnath Asan, Panchla Siddha, Rajasthan, India

Shri Jasnath Asan, Panchla Siddha, Rajasthan, India

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